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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my tank pumped?
Every 3-5 years based on usage (see pumping chart on the resources tab) Pumping your tank regularly not only keeps the system from backing up into your home but also provides you an opportunity to inspect the tank for damages.
Where is my tank located?
When you purchased your home in the closing paperwork you should have a septic inspection/certification. The last page of this report is a map.
What is that smell?
A Smelly septic tank can have many different meanings. If it has been longer than 5 years since your tank has been serviced the smell could be that the solids level in the tank is reaching the inlet pipes. If the tank was recently serviced it could be an imbalance of bacteria Adding Pro Pump to your tank can help with odors. Using too many anti-bacterial cleaning products can kill the bacteria your tank needs to function properly. There are also filter options available. If you have pumped the tank and added bacteria and still have an odor issue, call Busy D Pumping. We can investigate the problem further.
My house is for sale and the realtor said I need to have my tank pumped and inspected?
All Property transfers in AZ require a septic inspection. All property transfers in Pima County AZ require the inspection report to be filed with Pima County. See septic certification tab for more details.
Why can’t the pumping be done out of the inspection port?
Proper pumping of the tank requires the actual lid of the tank to be exposed. Since the tank is located underground digging is involved unless your tank has risers to ground level. The inspection port is used to measure waste in the tank and is too small to use as a pumping port. Using this opening can cause damage to the port and will not get your tank cleaned.
Can I plant trees/vegetation over my septic tank or field?
You can plant grass, cactus or ground cover plants over the tank and field. No trees or plant with large root systems should be planted near your septic tank or field. Keep in mind the septic lids need to be dug up for regular cleaning. Remember plant and tree roots look for water and they will invade your system and cause damage.
How do I know if my tank needs pumping?
It is always best to pump your tank on a regular basis. If the tank has not been serviced in the past few years and you are getting dirty water coming back up into your shower, this is a sure sign your tank needs to be pumped.
What are the symptoms of septic tank failure?
A wet area above your field or tank. If sewage is backing up into the house.
What items should not go down the drain?
If your body has not processed it it should not go into your tank. It is crucial not to put grease, Nemo, household cleaners or medicines down the toilet. Your septic tank is not a trash can and should not be used as one.
How long should a septic system last?
A properly maintained septic system should last 30-50 years.

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