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Our History

Twenty years ago Paul and Cindy Edwards bought Busy D Pumping, Inc. from Pat and Darrell Dwyer who had started the business in 1972. That’s where the “D” came from, Darrell Dwyer. We were lucky enough to inherit Pat and Darrell’s employee, Art Romero, who had been with them for ten years. Art has been a hardworking, loyal employee of ours since then and we believe he has been a key asset to our success over the past 29 years. We are fortunate to have the best, most professional technical and support staff in Tucson.


As with any new business, there were challenges to face and hurdles to overcome. One of the first critical things we had to learn was how and where to dispose of the different types of waste streams. In the early 1990’s wastewater from grease traps, car washes, automotive sumps and other industrial type wastes were taken to the Tangerine Road landfill where the waste was dumped into a lined pond. In the mid 1990’s Pima County determined they could no longer accommodate wastewater and closed the landfill to all pumpers, creating a major operational challenge for us. Instead of throwing up our hands we turned the challenge into an opportunity for growth and began development of our own treatment plant. Our next hurdle was when Pima County closed all the designated manholes to all pumpers. Pima County’s purpose was to better monitor the wastewater coming into their treatment plant. We met this challenge by expanding our own treatment plant and were able to process all types of waste streams. It took lots of time, labor and money to create the right system but looking back, it was all worth it.

Our Mission

To be Arizona’s premier provider of wastewater treatment & disposal services; respected for our integrity, innovation and growth.

Who is Pumper the Cat?

It all started one hot summer day. There was a disturbing noise coming from the attic. Was it an intruder? Our nemesis trying to steal our secret formula? Nope. It was a momma cat with her set of tiny kittens.

Of course we fell right smack in love with them. One of the babes decided that our office was to become home from that point forward. Even when we tried to move this adoptee to a real house, “Pumper” has nothing to do with it!

Stop by, give the soft fur a nice pat. Pumper will reward you with a purrrrrrr…..

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